mish787 (mish787) wrote in israel_arab,

Israeli Army Requirements

Someone on Jewish Connection told me that being in the army is required for all Israeli citizens, even women. Is this true? Do you think this is a good thing? The guy that told me on Jewish Connection is from Israel and said he served in the army there for about 3 years. I am making a discussion there too about it but I wanted more feedback and opinions.

What happens to you if you don't want to join the army?

Is there any way to avoid the army...like what happened during Vietnam when people would "dissapear" and go to Canada?

I know that Israel is constantly under attack, so this does make a lot of sense to me if it is true...

Go to Jewish Connection and give some feedback there too. http://www.JewishConnection.com You can join clubs there and make disucssions. There are also classifieds and events and you can make friends and date.



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