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Haifa, kontei, translation from Russian

...under the command of a ram.

The flock of rams under the command of a lion is much more efficient than the flock of lions under the command of a ram.

Instead of the epigraph :(

I have a feeling that it's time to leave this country. Or it's time to prosecute its government, speaking not only of the present one, but also of all MPs and ministers for the last 10 years minimum. Either this or that.

The whole history of the Lebanon conflict since the year 2000 up to now and the whole history of confrontation of Israel to Arabic terrorist organizations for the last 30 years has been going under the slogan "the flock of linons under the command of a ram".

The subject of our retreat from Lebanon - how we went out of it, losing our pants on the move, not even having concluded a peace treaty, not having received the official declaration that the state of Lebanon has no longer any territorial ambitions to the state of Israel, having abandoned its fortifications and allies, having opened easy access to its borders for the terrorist bands - was not once discussed. It was also much said about the facts how for six years we have permitted the band of terrorists to build fortifications along our border and to collect freely (for show!) the arsenal of missiles, how we let them abduct our soldiers and then sell us their corpses in return to their four hundred of quite alive and active terrorists who had been sitting in our prisons (after that these terrorists entusiastically started organizing new terrorist acts). This too has passed. But there's no harm to remind of it, in order to understand the present errors of Israel.

Our "lions" are now commanded, as were commanded, by"rams". As some agressive blogger has once written, "how good is our extraordinary security cabinet - the corrupted lawer as a chief executive and a trade union bonze as a minister of defense". And the Joint Stuff head gets into the hospital with heart-attack soon afterhis announcement that the cabinet of defense decided to spit upon recommendations and follow its own line. So the results are predictibleand they smell... no, not even mutton, but ram shit.

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