JK (doc_neuro) wrote in israel_arab,

Israelis show solidarity with hebron residents...

but not the ones you would think from looking at the headline. Descendants of the Jewish residents of Hebron killed in the 1929 massacre that purged the city of its millenia old jewish community showed up yesterday in solidarity with palestinian residents of Hebron, asserting that the current crop of violent, radical, racist settlers in that city were a disgrace to the memory of the original jewish community and that the current jewish residents have "no legitimacy" to act in their names.


This by the way is reflective of the views of the vast majority of Israeli citizens, and even a large number of their fellow west bank settlers. A testament to this fact is the rather significant boost in the public opinion polls Kadima received after then interim prime minister Ehud Olmert ordered the Mishmar Hagvul in there to billy club the settlers out of the market area they had forced their way into and set up shop in.

Which in the end tends to fly in the face of those who would cite the hebron settlers as a representative example of settlers and settlements in general, as they seem fond of doing.

I think someone should xpost the article to the free_palestine community but if I do it the whiners like kynn are going to start bleating again how the community is being overrun by teh evul zionists.
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